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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Nanny for Carter

Carter is such a wonderful baby, I wish he could have known his grandfather ... or any of his grandparent's, for that matter. But with the threat of war still in the air, we can't take the chance of going to visit Adam's parents either. So its just us for now.
But what about when I get called for another mission. Or Adam gets called to the lab for DNA analysis. We needed to make sure SOMEONE would be here for Carter. I decided to start looking for a nanny.

I made so many phone calls! I called agencies, answered ads, and checked into referrals from friends. Finally, I got someone who sounded promising. A Monica Perrone. She was only 20 and had just moved in down the street. I asked to meet with her the next day.

We talked about family, expectations, salary, and other details. I learned she is a neat person, very family orientated, friendly, and appears to be handy around the house. She says she wants a family of her own but plans on waiting until she meets the right person. I thought she was perfect! I invited her over for dinner so I could introduce her to Adam and Carter.

   Adam seemed very quiet when he met Monica but I think he just dislikes being around people he doesn't know. Dinner was great with some interesting conversation. I let Monica hold Carter so she could get to know him a little. As I showed her to the door, I told her I would call within the week to let her know our decision.

Oddly enough, Adam spent a good portion of the night in his work space in the basement. I'm not sure what he was up to but I'll press him for a decision this weekend.

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