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Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Things are not getting any better for Roxie. She has lost her job as a lyricist. Kirby is distant from her and complains about Hal's strict rules. And Hal finds any excuse he can to stay away from the house. So on that late Friday night, she was alone and very drunk when she decided she wanted to go for a drive ...

A decision that left Kirby without a mother. Hal never got along with Kirby so it was no surprise when he asked Shirley to take the boy. He told Adam that he was tired of being tied down and wanted to be free again.

With Elaine moved out, Norman and Shirley had an extra room. And Kirby was already spending a lot of time there anyway. 

 Don had actually offered for Kirby to move into his new house with him. But the fact that it was a one bedroom and that Don would be spending a lot of time on the campaign trail led to Kirby's decision to stay with his Aunt.

Kirby's life has been unstable at best and full of negativity. It is no wonder he has turned to music as an outlet for his emotions. I hope the Joy's can encourage him in his abilities and give him a real home to thrive in.   

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