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Friday, February 25, 2011

Time For Answers

I spotted Don casually reading at an outside cafe. 

Jewel: "Don? Oh my God, what are YOU doing here in Champs Les Sims?"
Don: "Wow, Jewel? OH, uh ... would you believe I just had to get away from things for a little while?"
Jewel: *sigh* "Yes." (looks sad and turns away to hide tears)
Don: "Hey ... Hey, Baby, what's the matter?"
Jewel: *sniffs* (watery laugh) "Why do you care? Last we spoke I told you I never wanted you near me again."
Don: (chagrined face) "You were upset because I WAS trying to provoke you by kissing Monica like that." (hands a tissue over) "Sit. Pull yourself together." 

Don: "Should I be looking over my shoulder for Adam?"
Jewel: (softly) "No. Adam is not here with me. We are ... we're separated. I left Monica with Carter while I ... got away from things for a little while."
Don: "How did you find out?"
Jewel: (puzzled) "Find out what?"
Don: (hesitates) "Why exactly has the 'perfect couple' split?"
Jewel: "I can't live with his secrets any more. He isn't willing to trust me after all these years."

We spent the afternoon just talking about our lives and reminiscing. My suggestion to take a walk was received very warmly. Stopping on the bridge was his idea.

Don: "I hated having to see you around town. You are the only woman who ever broke MY heart. If I hadn't screwed up, you would still be mine."
Jewel: "Don, I have always been yours ..."

His kiss left me breathless, a sign of a great kisser! I offered to cook him my signature ratatouille back at my vacation home. I could tell by the looks he was giving me, his mind was NOT on food!

I told him to make himself at home while I went upstairs to "freshen up." I was not surprised when I opened the door to find him waiting on me. I picked up the bottle of wine I was letting breathe and poured him a glass.

I laid on the bed as he gulped it down. He began to slowly undress, never taking his eyes off me. I saw him stagger as he pulled down his pants. He began to blink rapidly. He tried to make a grab for the bedpost but he didn't make it.

He went down hard. I got up and checked his pulse. He was out. I threw on my pants and pulled him into a chair. I bound his wrists and ankles. When he woke up, I was getting some answers!

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