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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Playing The Part

I had barely stepped off the plane when my I received a text message. It was Zelda. She had sent me a photo of a man and where he might be found. I needed to find out what he was up to and if he knew Zelda was working for us. 

I found him trolling. I introduced myself as Jule and intimated that I was looking for a companion for the night. Gaston agreed to my asking price but said he would be more comfortable at his place. I acted leery of leaving the streets with him. He assured me he meant no harm and mentioned a cottage on the edge of town. I linked arms with him as he hailed a cab.

 I started to second guess my plan when he asked me to follow him downstairs for a drink. Things could get out of hand very quickly...

I took the upper hand and offered to make the drinks. I slithered into my chair and stared him in the eye as I drank mine down in one shot. He seemed surprised but followed suit. He chuckled as he suggested I seemed in a hurry to get started. He began to grope me as we headed into the bedroom off the side.

Oh, God! He had his hands all over me and I could still taste him in my mouth. I was afraid that sedative would never kick in. I stumbled to the shower to wash what almost happened away. When I felt under control again, I got redressed then went back to the bedroom. Gaston was still passed out on the bed fully clothed. I undressed him and rumpled the bed to make it look like we had been together. I took the cash out of his wallet and left the towel on the floor. He'll not remember a thing in the morning but it will look as if everything went as it was suppose to. Now to business.

I found the entrance to his secret cellar right behind the bar where we had drinks. Its amazing what was hidden in there. I found ancient relics and precious gems that were uncut. But what was he doing with all of it? And did it have anything to do with Zelda?

I found a small ledger in a hidden panel in the wall. I took snapshots of the entries. Gaston was running a black market operation. He was selling these ancient relics that should be in museums to the highest bidder. Though what he was doing was illegal, it was not a matter of National Security. I closed the book and put it back where I found it. The ledger showed Gaston was only the middle man. Where was he getting his orders? And who was getting all the money since it was obvious Gaston got very little? 

I made sure there were no signs that I had entered Gaston's secret cellar. I went back to Gaston's room and made sure he was still okay. When bile rose in my throat, I pushed it down and objectively observed the room. When i was satisfied it was as it should be I went out the back door. I pulled my moped from the bushes where I had left it earlier in the day. I rode straight back to the boarding house where I was staying. 

 The next morning I called Adam to let him know that this trip was being cut short. I felt like I should tell him what had almost happened. When the silence just continued he asked if I was alright. I told him I just missed him and would see him in a few days. Then I hung up. I had other details to see to. I made sure to be seen in the presence of another man the next night so word would get back to Gaston. I also contacted Zelda and assured her everything was safe. I had accomplished my mission. So why was I still feeling so somber? 

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