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Sunday, January 30, 2011

My BIG Day

 Adam and I got married in my garden with my two best friends looking on. It didn't matter that I was 37 weeks pregnant. What did matter was that I was happy and surrounded by people who loved me.

It is official, I am a Zain now. The Justice of the Peace presented us as Mr and Mrs Adam Zain. We invited him to stay for the brunch but he declined. Since we had already moved everything out of the house, we were thankful the new owners let us use the garden for the ceremony. After we ate, Reesha and Dean waved goodbye as we drove over to our new home.

I decided to make my signature Ratatouille for dinner. It was so much fun bustling around my large kitchen. After I cleaned up, Adam and I went to sit in the nursery to talk about the baby. I was starting to feel a little pull in my back so Adam suggested we get to bed early. I was probably just worn out from the long day. 

The baby was coming!! This was the first time I have ever seen Adam lose his control. After pulling himself together, he grabbed my bag and drove me to the hospital. It was finally happening!

After a two day stay in the hospital, we brought little Carter Zain home. I was worried I wouldn't know what to do. I've never taken care of an infant before. What if I messed up? What if I accidentally got the milk too hot? What if he stopped breathing in the middle of the night? What if....
Adam came to my rescue ... again. He comforted me and told me I wasn't alone. That is my Adam.



Adam was helping me harvest some bell pepper when the morning sickness hit me. Not exactly how I planned on telling him he was gonna be a daddy. But he was happy, none the less, if a little upset that I didn't tell him sooner.

We made plans for a private wedding in the garden. Reesha and Dean said they would love to witness the ceremony. We invited Hal but he said he couldn't make it. More likely because he is still upset about his break-up with Meadow.

  As much as I loved my house and garden, it was too small to accommodate our new addition so we started house hunting. We were taking a short cut through the cemetery after seeing our last house for the day when we ran into Don. I was showing by then and Don made no attempt to hide that he was staring at my belly. Trying to be civilized, I introduced Adam to Don as my fiancee. Adam was very stoic and gave a clipped greeting. Don nodded his head and looked at me with a hurt look. Adam put his arm around me and turned us toward home. As we started walking I heard Don wish me well. Later that night, when Adam wanted to talk about it, I asked him to forget the whole thing. He let it go at that. 
We found the perfect house! It's a three bedroom with an attic, formal dining room, a large sitting room, one and a half bathrooms, and lots of yard for a garden and outdoor furniture. We will close on it the day of our wedding. Our first night as a married couple will be spent in our new house!

Saturday, January 29, 2011


My garden is blooming! I just made some applesauce from my home grown apples. And I have been trying new recipes with all my fresh vegetables. I'm outside enough to notice my neighbor next door. Roxie has a little boy now. When she passes my house, she smirks at me. And her son stares at me with Don's eyes.

Adam and I are spending the day together to celebrate our three month anniversary. We had lunch at the bistro then headed out to a quaint little spot by the river.

Adam showed me how to fish. I was amazed at how much fun it was. I thought I would be bored but it was kind of peaceful like. I didn't catch anything but Adam pulled in two big fish. He said I had the honor of cooking them for our dinner. I might surprise him and do just that.

After fishing, we went collecting. I found two space rocks and a couple of rare seeds which I hope to be able to plant soon. But Adam seemed very distracted so I ended my treasure hunting early. When I asked what he was thinking so hard about, he just grinned at me. *sigh*

When we finally decided to head home, Adam had us stop on the bridge and take a picture. It was such a beautiful day. I never wanted it to end.
But I had a secret that might change our lives ... forever.

Friday, January 28, 2011


I practically lived with Adam for six months and I never guessed his true feelings for me! I not sure if I was just too absorbed with myself or that he was just really good at hiding his feelings. What I do know is that being with him that night was AMAZING. Adam not only held me through the night but let me talk through my mixed up feelings. I realized I was only clinging to Don because he had helped me through the grief of my father. Having that peace inside me helped to break it to Don that we were finished.

He got very upset. He told me I was ruining everything. I was very confused. Wasn't Don the one who cheated on me? Why was he so enraged that I wouldn't have him back? Something was going on but I can't quite figure out what. Whatever his problem was, I wasn't going to let it interfere with my life.   
Adam and I have seen a lot of each other these last few weeks. I found out he was quiting the spy business. He's not sure what he wants to do but he's got plenty of time to decide. He likes to spend time alone and enjoys doing things with his computers. He has been spending so much time at my place, I offered for him to move in with me. We were having dinner at this little place outside of town when I posed the question to him. He stopped eating and looked at me real serious like. "You just want me for my body! But that's cool, we can work with that." He is so funny and sweet. 
We made a stop by Reesha and Dean's place. She is pregnant with baby number two! I asked if her and Dean didn't have anything else to do. We had a good laugh. She asked how things were going between Adam and I. I told her about Adam moving in. She seemed upset by that news. She thought since Adam didn't have a job and I was so well off, that he was only interested in my money. (She didn't know that Adam had been a spy with me and had money of his own.) I assured her that wasn't the case and that he would be getting a job soon. I'm glad I have a friend who is looking out for me.

I was glad to see that Adam got along well with Dean. We all agreed it was time for us to get together for a barbecue. We made plans for next weekend then we left and headed home ... to OUR place.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Home Again

I spent these last six months abroad, iinfiltrating a rogue corporation. Unfortunately, I couldn't bring my laptop to keep in touch but Adam assured me that was not always the case so hopefully I can chronicle my next mission.
    I spent the first few days getting my house back in order and reviewing my financials. I have bought into a couple local businesses that appear to be doing very well. Since I don't have to check in at the precinct anymore, my days are pretty much my own. I did stop in and talk things out with Hal. Things are okay between us. He has started seeing Meadow Carpenter-Rhodes. I told him I was glad for him and I appreciated him being there for me. He smiled and said, "Any time." *laughs*

I dropped by to visit with Reesha and Dean. They are going to have a baby! Reesha is so excited and I am happy for her. I'm the baby's surrogate aunt. I used to dislike children but that seems to have been replaced with a green thumb. I have this urge to nurture now. Perhaps I will have a child one day.

I was invited to attend a formal ball being held at the town hall for a local charity. Adam had offered to take me since he was still in town. I was just checking my purse when my cell rang. It was Don. The memories came flooding back. His voice was so smooth ... his words sounded so sincere. Would I please give him another chance? I didn't know what to say. In my heart, I was still a little in love with Don. I told him to let me think about it. I raced to Reesha's place. I knew she and Dean would be home with little Kenton. I cried my heart out to her. She told me I had to do what was best for me. And, in her opinion that wasn't being with Don. But I had to make up my own mind. As night settled, I slowly drove back to my place. As I pulled up there was Adam sitting in my front yard. I had forgotten the charity ball!
              I offered for him to come inside and have a drink. He wanted to know why I was upset. I told him it didn't matter. "Don isn't worth your tears." How did he know?! He told me how he had to investigate me before we went on our first mission. "I know about you. You have a great sense of humor, you're neat and a little over-emotional. You used to be a vehicle enthusiast and disliked children but have recently turned into a green-thumb and now love the outdoors. I know everything about you. Let me love you, Jewel." 

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Moving On

I really threw myself into my work after that night. I volunteered for extra shifts, did extra paperwork, anything to stay busy. I finally got noticed by the head honchos. I got called into Hal's office late one Friday night while I was finishing up a report. There was another man I had never met before standing with him. The guy was ... different. He had kind of a green pallor to him and very direct eyes. His name was Adam. In a clipped voice, he informed me that I needed to pack and be ready to leave by 0500. Then he just left.  

Hal asked me to ride over to his place after I was done packing. He filled me in on details Adam obviously felt were unimportant. He said some time away would be good for me. I kept thinking how Hal had given me that sweet kiss after the Llama game.
Everything just felt right. I let Hal's comforting hug turn into a kiss of passion. Hal never hesitated, he pulled me into his room and we tumbled into bed together. Our hands were hurried as if we were both afraid the other would stop. The air was strangely silent, stirred only by our heavy breathing. I stared into his eyes as our bodies moved in quiet rhythm. As the morning sun began to shine, my cry of pleasure filled the room.

I left Hal sleeping. I met Adam at the station and put my bag in his trunk. I never imagined this is what it would be like when I became an International Super Spy. The whole drive to Headquarters was a blur as I let my mind wonder back over my life since I left Sunset Valley. Adam didn't say a word after we parked. Just got out, grabbed my bag from the trunk and walked in. I glanced down at my hand and saw the dull brass button I never left without. I slowly turned my hand and watched it bounce to the street. "I'm moving on, Dad."

Monday, January 24, 2011

Mountain and Valley

Today is the day Reesha Gray and George Dean are getting married. Life seemed so full of possibilities. My friends were getting married, I was was engaged, and a promotion loomed on the horizon. I was on a mountain top!

It was a beautiful ceremony. I had a hard time keeping my mascara from running. After the "I do"'s were done, the music started and the food and drinks were served. I enjoyed playing host until I caught sight of something that just didn't seem right.

 Did Don seem overly interested in Roxie? Was I being paranoid or was there more going on between them? I didn't want to start something on Reesha's big day ... but I had to get rid of this doubt!

To find them all over each other in my own house!!! How could this happen? Don tried making excuses and was rambling on about needs. Roxie was just silent.



Dean  heard the commotion and broke things up. He got Roxie's sister to take her home next door. Reesha pulled Dean out front so I could have a word with Don.

Don really pressed home how much I have been working. I told him about my father and how important it was for me to become a spy. He wanted to know what I expected from him. To be faithful, damn it!! I refused to cry and asked him to just leave.

 The other guests were gone by the time Don had left. I apologized to Dean and Reesha for ruining their day. They were both forgiving and sympathetic to me. I told them to go ahead and crash at my place ... I needed time to just be. I walked out my front door and into the night. I had just fell from my mountaintop to the valley floor...

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sharing the News

Hal asked me to go to the Llamas game with him this past Sunday. I owed him. He said he was surprised to hear I was engaged and a little disappointed too. Turns out he has been interested in me since I moved here but couldn't do anything about because he was my boss! I didn't know what to say. He gave me a sweet hug and a light peck on the lips when he dropped me off at my place. He said it was a goodbye to what could have been. 

Roxie and I got together that night and giggled over Don's fumbling proposal. I stood up for him though and claimed it was adorable. I mentioned Hal and the game to Roxie. She confided that she HAD been seeing Hal but that they had broken things off not long ago. She was currently seeing a married man but refused to give up his name. Obviously no man is off limits to Roxie.  


I live for my work pager now. As a triple agent, I have to be on call all the time. I went in this morning at 2am! I haven't been able to see Don in a week. He claims to understand. Reesha has started moving her junk over to the new house Dean just bought. She has thankfully been gone each night when I drag my butt home and fall into bed. I'm thinking I will make time to cook dinner for Don and have him stay over this Friday.

Words can not describe my joy! Oh, how I wish my Dad could be here! I'm getting married!


Don and I started seeing each other pretty regularly. I found out that he works at the mayor's office. He likes to debate politics with me in bed. *laughs* But other than that he seems to be an alright guy.

Got a call right after work on Friday. Reesha Grey, my old college roommate, was in a bind and needed a place to crash till she could get back on her feet. Mi Casa and all that. Called Hal to ask for some time off so I could help her  move her stuff in. He told me not to worry, he would cover for me personally. I owe him now.

I asked Dean to come help with the manual labor. When he caught a look at Reesha, he was more than willing to carry couches. I think I actually saw sparks fly when I formally introduced them. *smirks* I headed over to Don's place so the two of them could "get to know" each other.  

They have been dating for 6 weeks and Dean just proposed! He wasn't kidding, he really wanted to settle down. I offered them my place for the wedding. Now I'll spend my days typing reports and my nights listening to Reesha discuss plans for the wedding. *sigh*

Reesha is getting on my nerves!! She is all about "when are you and Don getting married?" and "you're not getting any younger". *grunts* I'll be glad when she is out of my house! After my evening run, I'm heading over to Don's for some stress relief!