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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Nothing in this life brings me as much joy as raising my son. He is such a character!

 Carter has learned to walk ...
 ... and use the potty all by himself.

Monica has even got him saying his first words! I'm glad Carter has her in his life.

She has saved us a $50 repair bill on the dishwasher and unclogged the toilets numerous times. We showed her our appreciation by giving her a full weekend off. 

She didn't mention it but local gossips were all too happy to inform me that she and Don flew to France for that weekend. Don sprang for the whole trip. (Where is Don getting the money?) Of course, Monica and I get along so well because we have a silent agreeement NOT to talk about him.

But I can live with that. I know I made the right choice ... because I have Carter and Adam to prove it. 

I'm being called away again. My contact has sent a message about a possible leak. I need to be sure she hasn't been compromised. But I'll hate missing even one day of Carter's life.

I wonder what Adam does while I am away? I'll try to remember to ask him when I get back.

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