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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What is Happening

My last mission really pushed me to the edge of my control. And since I have been back, Adam has been avoiding contact with me. Monica said that Adam spent the majority of his time in his basement office after he got my call. What is happening to us?  

Monica has been having a rough time lateley as well. Rumors have floated in that Don has been at it again. His list of conquests keeps getting longer. Gossips say Ruby Broke admitted to falling prey to his charms when he dropped by to ask for campaign donations. Elaine Joy (whom everyone thought would turn into another spinster) was easy pickins for Don, it being her first time and all. She has since started seeing Henry McGlum. And just last week, some locals said they saw Don leaving Meadow's townhouse at 4am!

When Monica timidly confronted Don, he blew up! He accused Monica of not standing by his side and asked if she loved him at all. Don's manipulations worked as she is still seeing him. One day she will wake up. 

Since the funeral of Bennie Dean, I have been reaching out to Roxie as a friend once again. She has really let herself go. I hardly recognise her anymore, she has put on so much weight. I stopped at her and Hal's place and found her passed out on the back lawn. Thankfully Kirby had left a note in the kitchen that he was going to a friend's house and hadn't seen his mother like that. I knew Hal was putting in an all-nighter so I stayed over. The next morning, I talked to her about maybe getting some professional help. She didn't want to hear it. I left as she began to fix her first drink of the day.

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