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Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Reesha threw a party at the Watering Hole just for us girls. While there she informed all of us she was pregnant again ... with twins this time! I had a blast hanging out and just relaxing. Things have been very strained at home. Although a lot of people canceled last minute, she had a great turnout.

  Meadow was there. She went on and on and ON about how in love she was with Sherman Bagley and how she hoped marry him one day. She vehemently denied any involvement with Don Lothario. Either way, I was so glad when she grabbed a plate ... because she couldn't talk with her mouth full of hot dog!

Surprisingly, Shirley showed up. Since she married old Norman, she is rarely seen about town anymore. She confided in Reesha, who then told me, that Norman is getting down in his health. She splits her time between work and caring for him. Elaine just moved out and has left her without the extra pair of hands. Kirby has been coming over to sit with Norman after school and on the weekends. He seems to be turning into a fine young man ... despite his parentage!

Heather dropped by for a little while. Long enough to have a drink and be sure everyone noticed the "mayor hopeful" was being friendly. Whispers started about her baby boy that was born nine months after her alleged affair with Don Lothario. But anyone who looks at that baby can see he has Odin's eyes.

... Roxie was there too.

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