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Friday, February 25, 2011


 Monica thought the day was going so well. Don had invited her out to the park to spend time with him before he left on another campaign trip. She had confided that she hoped to meet Kirby as well. Don was very protective of who his son met.
 Her mistake was in pushing for more. Her subtle hints about moving in together got Don riled up again. But instead of making her back off, he just broke up with her right there in the park.
She was so upset when she got in. I let her cry it out. Don can add another broken heart to his list!

I hope Kirby is not picking up his father's womanizing ways. Shirley told Reesha that Kirby is always singing Don's praises. They have been spending more time together since Roxie's death.
 I saw Don drop Kirby off at the Joys before he headed to the airport. This makes his third trip this month!
I was enjoying the view from my balcony window after my morning run when my cell rang. It was headquarters ... Zelda was missing!!

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