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Saturday, February 26, 2011

More Questions Than Answers

Jewel: So you are telling me that you had no idea Aimee was working with the SIA (Sim Intelligence Agency)? 
Don: I already told you, No! I stumbled on a sweet deal here selling black market relics. Gaston worked as my liaison and Aimee ... well, she was ... let's just say a distraction."
Jewel: "You never change. She was married with a young child!"
Don: "I never asked her to do anything she didn't want to!"
Jewel: "Then where the hell is she?!"
Don: "I paid for the hotel suite for the entire week. Tell her husband to check THERE!"

Don: (yanking on ropes) "I'm not a threat to national security, Jewel. Untie me!!"
Jewel: (softly) "What do you know about Adam that I don't?"
Don: "I'm not telling you a damn thing until you untie me!"
Jewel: "Don ... is it about us, you and I? How is Adam involved?"
Don: (stops struggling) *deep sigh* "It's complicated, but I have a history with the Pollinator race..." 
Jewel: "Adam's people?"
Don: "Yes. I had a run-in with some female descendants of theirs. This may sound crazy, but... I was sent here from the future. (short pause) I was told to change my ... perspective on life, I guess you'd say. And in return, they promised to give me Ambrosia."
Jewel: (surprised) "Time travel? Ambrosia? Did you smack your head when you fell?"
Don: "I'm serious. Right now, people are just beginning to experiment with time travel. Soon, everyone will know about it. But Ambrosia, are you sure you've never heard of it?"
Jewel: "No, it doesn't sound familiar."
Don: "Well, your father was killed over it..."
 Jewel: *gasp* "What?! How do you know that?"
Don: "He was accused of smuggling seeds of the forbidden fruit from Planet Corrino, home of the Pollinator race. The Pollinators were just starting to investigate him when he was assassinated."
Jewel: "Who killed him?"
Don: "Nobody knows..."
Jewel: "Well, what does this have to do with Adam and me?"
Don: "Adam was my Observer, followed my every move. When he found out who your father was, he set out to sabotage our relationship. HE'S the one who convinced Roxie to put the moves on me at the wedding. HE'S the one who pulled strings to get you on a mission alone with him. He wanted me out of the picture so he could better keep an eye on YOU! He didn't care that I really loved you, he just wanted to preserve his planet's precious secret from the humans!"

I closed my eyes. Looking back, I could see all the dots being connected. My father's sudden death; Don's anger at Adam's appearance; Roxie's downward spiral from guilt. And all for this "Ambrosia"?
I quickly changed back into my clothes. I called headquarters and relayed Don's info on Aimee and his innocence in anything remotely related to our National Security. I cut the ropes from Don's wrists and ankles.
Don: (stands slowly) "Jewel! Where are you going? What's going to happen to me?"
Jewel: "I cleared you through security. You are free to return home and to your 'womanizing.'"
Don: "What about what we talked about? You said you were always mine?!"
Jewel: (stops in doorway) "I was only telling you what you wanted to hear. You have given me more questions than answers and I need to go to the source..."

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