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Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Upon arrival to home base, I used my laptop to research the local area. I was told to merely make contact with the operative, nothing more. Since they didn't know me and I only knew the name Zelda, I decided just to get visible and see what I could find out.

For the most part, the locals are used to tourists asking tons of questions. I introduced myself as Jule and gave the impression I was a single woman looking for some excitement. It wasn't long before I was approached by a woman asking if I was interested in an adventure. I logged her name and comments into my secret database.

 Another foray into the field led to an encounter with the Police Municipale. He said he noticed that I seemed to be lost and offered to give me directions. To keep to my cover, I turned up the charm. Despite the ring I saw on his finger, he offered to show me around "personally". I was saved from answering when a tourist wrecked their moped into a market stand. His name was logged ... as well as his apparent indiscretion. 

 Two days later, I was returning from this little cafe down the street when I noticed a new paper tacked to the local message board. It was a hand-written notice about photography classes being offered for a small fee. On the bottom, someone had written a message in red then crossed it out. "Zelda 747" 

I made my way to the market I had visited everyday since my arrival. I stopped at each shop, browsing the items and keeping my eyes and ears alert. I finally saw what I was looking for. I had the merchant ring up my purchase ... a cheap disposable camera. The total was 747 in euros.

I was glad this mission was over because two months away from my family was hard. I was able to call Adam once from my secure line but I couldn't wait to get back to the states and be held in his strong arms once again. Maybe when Carter was older, we could take a trip to France as a family.  

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