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Sunday, March 6, 2011

You Decide

Jewel, Monica, and Carter are moving! But you get to decide what happens. I've uploaded this family into the exchange, so you get to control their lives. Will Jewel and Adam get back together? Will Monica finally get a family of her own? What is Carter going to do with his life? YOU DECIDE!

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Saturday, February 26, 2011


 Carter has aged up! He inherited the loner trait from his father and is now able to attend school. School?! I realize I had to get over this pain and start thinking about the future.  
Adam and I talked with Carter. We told him we were splitting up but that it wasn't his fault. He was really upset but, just like his father, he refused to talk about it. 

I decided something had to change. I started with myself. 
 Contacted a real estate agent. I sold my properties, put my house up for sale, and started looking for a new place to raise my son.
I said goodbye to all those dear to me. Reesha promised to write. I'm sure she will if only to gossip.
I will never forget the day Adam left. Carter ran to him and cried in his arms. Adam looked at me from across the yard as he snuggled our son. I walked over to pull Carter away. Adam gave him one last squeeze then handed him over. His hand brushed the side of my cheek. He stared straight into my eyes. I felt my resolve slipping. He turned to get in his truck and drove off. He never looked back. Monica offered to take Carter up to his room. I let her. I climbed the stairs with heavy feet, laid down on my bed and cried myself into oblivion... 

Time's Up

I have been with this man almost 11 years. I gave him my heart and he gave me a child. I told him my dreams, my fears, and everything about me. He had become my world. And now I find out it was nothing more than a deep undercover mission for him. How ironic.

Jewel: "Get up, Adam."
Adam: (gives startled expression)"You're home early. Why didn't you call? I would have..."
Jewel: "I know, Adam." *voice cracks* "I know about you being Don's observer, your mission to keep the ambrosia secret, EVERYTHING!"
Adam: (sits up)"Jewel ... what do you want me to say?"

Jewel: "I don't know, maybe THE TRUTH! Did I mean anything to you?! ... does Carter?"
(long silent pause)
Adam: "I love Carter, he is my son. And you ... at first, it was all about the mission. When I uncovered that you were the daughter of Samuel Millard, I thought being assigned as your observer was my ticket to fame back home."
Jewel: "So I was just a meal ticket? What about my father, did your people have him killed?"
Adam: "..."
Jewel: "God, Adam! Why?!"
Adam: "He was smuggling ambrosia seeds! Do you have any idea what might happen to this planet if the wrong people get their hands on it?"

Jewel: "It's just a damn fruit! So it's, what, an aphrodisiac? A lot more people get laid, so what!"
Adam: "Ambrosia is a youth fruit. It gives a person the ability to live forever..."
Jewel: (stares in disbelief)"So that made getting me away from Don your top priority? I had nothing to do with what my dad was into."
Adam: "I was charged with making sure that was the truth. Your gardening abilities made that hard to determine."
Jewel: "So getting me pregnant ... "
Adam: "... was done with calculation. I did it to keep you tied to me. I knew humans usually felt a ..."
Jewel: (whispers)"You bastard."
Adam: *rubs cheek*"I deserved that for the way I was thinking back then. But Jewel, you have to understand. It has stopped being a mission for me."
Jewel: "Sure it has. That is why you spend all your time on the computer, tracking me and recording my every move."
Adam: *hangs head* "I am hard wired to observe, Jewel. It was what I was conditioned for."
Jewel: "Am I still under suspicion?"
Adam: "No. They gave me leave to stay here for as long ..."
Jewel: "As long as your 'cover' would allow? Well, time's up, Adam. I want you out! Out of Carter's life and out of mine."

More Questions Than Answers

Jewel: So you are telling me that you had no idea Aimee was working with the SIA (Sim Intelligence Agency)? 
Don: I already told you, No! I stumbled on a sweet deal here selling black market relics. Gaston worked as my liaison and Aimee ... well, she was ... let's just say a distraction."
Jewel: "You never change. She was married with a young child!"
Don: "I never asked her to do anything she didn't want to!"
Jewel: "Then where the hell is she?!"
Don: "I paid for the hotel suite for the entire week. Tell her husband to check THERE!"

Don: (yanking on ropes) "I'm not a threat to national security, Jewel. Untie me!!"
Jewel: (softly) "What do you know about Adam that I don't?"
Don: "I'm not telling you a damn thing until you untie me!"
Jewel: "Don ... is it about us, you and I? How is Adam involved?"
Don: (stops struggling) *deep sigh* "It's complicated, but I have a history with the Pollinator race..." 
Jewel: "Adam's people?"
Don: "Yes. I had a run-in with some female descendants of theirs. This may sound crazy, but... I was sent here from the future. (short pause) I was told to change my ... perspective on life, I guess you'd say. And in return, they promised to give me Ambrosia."
Jewel: (surprised) "Time travel? Ambrosia? Did you smack your head when you fell?"
Don: "I'm serious. Right now, people are just beginning to experiment with time travel. Soon, everyone will know about it. But Ambrosia, are you sure you've never heard of it?"
Jewel: "No, it doesn't sound familiar."
Don: "Well, your father was killed over it..."
 Jewel: *gasp* "What?! How do you know that?"
Don: "He was accused of smuggling seeds of the forbidden fruit from Planet Corrino, home of the Pollinator race. The Pollinators were just starting to investigate him when he was assassinated."
Jewel: "Who killed him?"
Don: "Nobody knows..."
Jewel: "Well, what does this have to do with Adam and me?"
Don: "Adam was my Observer, followed my every move. When he found out who your father was, he set out to sabotage our relationship. HE'S the one who convinced Roxie to put the moves on me at the wedding. HE'S the one who pulled strings to get you on a mission alone with him. He wanted me out of the picture so he could better keep an eye on YOU! He didn't care that I really loved you, he just wanted to preserve his planet's precious secret from the humans!"

I closed my eyes. Looking back, I could see all the dots being connected. My father's sudden death; Don's anger at Adam's appearance; Roxie's downward spiral from guilt. And all for this "Ambrosia"?
I quickly changed back into my clothes. I called headquarters and relayed Don's info on Aimee and his innocence in anything remotely related to our National Security. I cut the ropes from Don's wrists and ankles.
Don: (stands slowly) "Jewel! Where are you going? What's going to happen to me?"
Jewel: "I cleared you through security. You are free to return home and to your 'womanizing.'"
Don: "What about what we talked about? You said you were always mine?!"
Jewel: (stops in doorway) "I was only telling you what you wanted to hear. You have given me more questions than answers and I need to go to the source..."

Friday, February 25, 2011

Time For Answers

I spotted Don casually reading at an outside cafe. 

Jewel: "Don? Oh my God, what are YOU doing here in Champs Les Sims?"
Don: "Wow, Jewel? OH, uh ... would you believe I just had to get away from things for a little while?"
Jewel: *sigh* "Yes." (looks sad and turns away to hide tears)
Don: "Hey ... Hey, Baby, what's the matter?"
Jewel: *sniffs* (watery laugh) "Why do you care? Last we spoke I told you I never wanted you near me again."
Don: (chagrined face) "You were upset because I WAS trying to provoke you by kissing Monica like that." (hands a tissue over) "Sit. Pull yourself together." 

Don: "Should I be looking over my shoulder for Adam?"
Jewel: (softly) "No. Adam is not here with me. We are ... we're separated. I left Monica with Carter while I ... got away from things for a little while."
Don: "How did you find out?"
Jewel: (puzzled) "Find out what?"
Don: (hesitates) "Why exactly has the 'perfect couple' split?"
Jewel: "I can't live with his secrets any more. He isn't willing to trust me after all these years."

We spent the afternoon just talking about our lives and reminiscing. My suggestion to take a walk was received very warmly. Stopping on the bridge was his idea.

Don: "I hated having to see you around town. You are the only woman who ever broke MY heart. If I hadn't screwed up, you would still be mine."
Jewel: "Don, I have always been yours ..."

His kiss left me breathless, a sign of a great kisser! I offered to cook him my signature ratatouille back at my vacation home. I could tell by the looks he was giving me, his mind was NOT on food!

I told him to make himself at home while I went upstairs to "freshen up." I was not surprised when I opened the door to find him waiting on me. I picked up the bottle of wine I was letting breathe and poured him a glass.

I laid on the bed as he gulped it down. He began to slowly undress, never taking his eyes off me. I saw him stagger as he pulled down his pants. He began to blink rapidly. He tried to make a grab for the bedpost but he didn't make it.

He went down hard. I got up and checked his pulse. He was out. I threw on my pants and pulled him into a chair. I bound his wrists and ankles. When he woke up, I was getting some answers!

Ultimate Mission

Aimee Lefebre (aka Zelda) has gone missing. Her husband of 15 years, Andre, reported her missing this morning after she didn't come home from work last night. None of her clothes are missing, no money has been taken from the joint accounts, and no notes were left for her husband or her 12 year old son, Alain.

She was last seen in the presence of this man, a Don Lothario. Because he is aware of your true identity, you must lose your cover. Use any means necessary to get close to him, question him, and find Zelda. When you have determined his role, contact this agency and he will be dealt with. 

 Don has been secretly travelling to France! He is the man giving Gaston orders! Selling black market relics is where he gets all his money! How long has this been going on? Where did I fit into all this? I am going to have to really make this believeable. Can I stay objective? I have to...   


 Monica thought the day was going so well. Don had invited her out to the park to spend time with him before he left on another campaign trip. She had confided that she hoped to meet Kirby as well. Don was very protective of who his son met.
 Her mistake was in pushing for more. Her subtle hints about moving in together got Don riled up again. But instead of making her back off, he just broke up with her right there in the park.
She was so upset when she got in. I let her cry it out. Don can add another broken heart to his list!

I hope Kirby is not picking up his father's womanizing ways. Shirley told Reesha that Kirby is always singing Don's praises. They have been spending more time together since Roxie's death.
 I saw Don drop Kirby off at the Joys before he headed to the airport. This makes his third trip this month!
I was enjoying the view from my balcony window after my morning run when my cell rang. It was headquarters ... Zelda was missing!!