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Thursday, February 3, 2011


Reesha stopped by today. Little Calvin is getting so big, he'll be celebrating a birthday soon. Reesha told me that she and Dean have already started trying for another! With Kenton still in middle school, I don't know how she will handle it all. But all this is beside the point. The reason Reesha had come over was to warn me that the gossip mill was working overtime. She filled me in on everything... 

Shirley, Roxie's younger sister, started an interesting tidbit. She claims to have walked in on Roxie and Don arguing about Kirby's child support payments... in their underwear! Apparently, they are still seeing each other on the sly, despite Don breaking things off to date a co-worker.  

What's more, Hal and Roxie are an item again! Hal visits her almost everyday after work. He even offers to babysit on nights she has to work. Its obvious Hal does NOT like kids ... 

...but there is a reason he keeps coming around.

   Thankfully Shirley makes sure Kirby is well cared for. She takes him everywhere with her. Even to her boyfriend's house. Shirley is currently seeing Norman Joy, a man twice her age! His daughter, Elaine, told Reesha that she is outraged her father is dating someone younger than his own daughter!!

          I wasn't sure I wanted to hear more but Reesha continued on ...

Elaine also mentioned she had seen Don kissing a woman, not his girlfriend, behind the bistro. She couldn't see who it was because it was dark but thinks it was his boss, Heather Crosby.  

His current girlfriend and co-worker, Lorraine Cantina, was upset by the gossip Elaine started. Don consoled her and was seen escorting her home after work.  

But this morning, rumors are FLYING around town that Don and Heather got caught in the act by her husband, Odin! Unfortunately, no one has seen the Crosby's to confirm these rumors but the town is alive with his many misdeeds. They are even bringing up his engagement to me!  

I thanked her for letting me know what was going on. But when she left, I took a moment to clear my head by working with my plants. As I watered my garden, I went over all the things I knew about Don and his recent actions. He seemed so ... troubled lately. Maybe I could talk some sense into him. I decided to call him after our get-together with the Dean's.  

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