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Sunday, February 13, 2011


 We were just starting in on Sunday morning pancakes when the phone rang. Adam got up to get it. He asked me to come into the kitchen and take the call. It was Reesha .... Mr Bennie had passed away. What was more upsetting was that Calvin was the one who found him. Mr Bennie had gone out early to tend the garden when he passed on from old age.

Dean and Reesha had a lovely service for Mr Dean. A lot of the town showed up for it. Even Lucille Spenster whom I believe was seeing Bennie.

 I comforted Reesha as best as I could. I remember what it felt like to lose someone close to you.
She told me that Dean has stopped eating and barely sleeps since his father passed on. And that he doesn't want to talk. Some people do grieve better by themselves but I gave her the number of the department counsellor if she thought she could use it.    

 Hal was taking time to comfort Dean as well. Dean was a mess. But he is a strong man and I have no doubt he can keep his family together.


Being reminded of your own mortality is always a shock. It changes the way you view life in general. I realized I had unresolved issues that needed facing.
I found Roxie in the refreshment area having some cookies. When Hal got up, I motioned him to let me sit in his place. After giving me the raised-eyebrow look, he left. Roxie just about choked on her cookie when I sat down. All I said was "Hi." Then we just sat there, looking at each other...  

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