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Friday, February 25, 2011

Ultimate Mission

Aimee Lefebre (aka Zelda) has gone missing. Her husband of 15 years, Andre, reported her missing this morning after she didn't come home from work last night. None of her clothes are missing, no money has been taken from the joint accounts, and no notes were left for her husband or her 12 year old son, Alain.

She was last seen in the presence of this man, a Don Lothario. Because he is aware of your true identity, you must lose your cover. Use any means necessary to get close to him, question him, and find Zelda. When you have determined his role, contact this agency and he will be dealt with. 

 Don has been secretly travelling to France! He is the man giving Gaston orders! Selling black market relics is where he gets all his money! How long has this been going on? Where did I fit into all this? I am going to have to really make this believeable. Can I stay objective? I have to...   

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