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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Time's Up

I have been with this man almost 11 years. I gave him my heart and he gave me a child. I told him my dreams, my fears, and everything about me. He had become my world. And now I find out it was nothing more than a deep undercover mission for him. How ironic.

Jewel: "Get up, Adam."
Adam: (gives startled expression)"You're home early. Why didn't you call? I would have..."
Jewel: "I know, Adam." *voice cracks* "I know about you being Don's observer, your mission to keep the ambrosia secret, EVERYTHING!"
Adam: (sits up)"Jewel ... what do you want me to say?"

Jewel: "I don't know, maybe THE TRUTH! Did I mean anything to you?! ... does Carter?"
(long silent pause)
Adam: "I love Carter, he is my son. And you ... at first, it was all about the mission. When I uncovered that you were the daughter of Samuel Millard, I thought being assigned as your observer was my ticket to fame back home."
Jewel: "So I was just a meal ticket? What about my father, did your people have him killed?"
Adam: "..."
Jewel: "God, Adam! Why?!"
Adam: "He was smuggling ambrosia seeds! Do you have any idea what might happen to this planet if the wrong people get their hands on it?"

Jewel: "It's just a damn fruit! So it's, what, an aphrodisiac? A lot more people get laid, so what!"
Adam: "Ambrosia is a youth fruit. It gives a person the ability to live forever..."
Jewel: (stares in disbelief)"So that made getting me away from Don your top priority? I had nothing to do with what my dad was into."
Adam: "I was charged with making sure that was the truth. Your gardening abilities made that hard to determine."
Jewel: "So getting me pregnant ... "
Adam: "... was done with calculation. I did it to keep you tied to me. I knew humans usually felt a ..."
Jewel: (whispers)"You bastard."
Adam: *rubs cheek*"I deserved that for the way I was thinking back then. But Jewel, you have to understand. It has stopped being a mission for me."
Jewel: "Sure it has. That is why you spend all your time on the computer, tracking me and recording my every move."
Adam: *hangs head* "I am hard wired to observe, Jewel. It was what I was conditioned for."
Jewel: "Am I still under suspicion?"
Adam: "No. They gave me leave to stay here for as long ..."
Jewel: "As long as your 'cover' would allow? Well, time's up, Adam. I want you out! Out of Carter's life and out of mine."

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