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Friday, February 11, 2011


Adam greeted me at the airport with Monica and Carter. We had a lovely dinner at home and took time to just be with each other. I spent the next day playing with Carter who would be aging up soon. I called Reesha to catch up on town happenings. After letting my know she was expecting again, she jumped right in.

Roxie and Hal have moved in together. This happened right after her sister Shirley married Norman Joy. Roxie has custody of Kirby. Don is seen visiting often. No wind of weather the two are still involved. The big news is Roxie has turned into quite the drunk. She spends a lot of time at the Watering Hole and has been known to show up for a gig already wasted. Hal keeps things under wraps but one can tell the strain is wearing on him. I thought that was why he was interested in Monica.

Monica, as it turns out, has fallen for the town playboy. That's right, Don and Monica are now seeing each other. Don broke up with his office girlfriend, Lorraine, in a very public manner at the bistro. She was seen crying her eyes out as she got into a cab. I think a little chat with Monica may be in order.

I inquired about Mr Bennie Dean who had been in the hospital before I left for my trip. Reesha told me things weren't looking well and that he had moved in with them so they could care for him better. She said they have already begun making arrangements for a plot at the cemetery. Not wanting to end on a sad note, I reminded her about Carter's birthday party coming up in a few weeks. I hoped Bennie would be able to make it.

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