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Friday, February 4, 2011


Adam got the chance to use his new grill when the Dean's came over. I think he needs a little more practice cooking on it though. *laughs* I told Reesha and Dean about us hiring Monica. She looked kinda worried and asked if I had heard anything about her. I told her I didn't want to hear ANY more gossip. She thankfully dropped the subject.

I held Calvin when he started to get sleepy. Kenton took that opportunity to talk my ear off! He is somewhat neurotic but a cute kid. Both boys will celebrate birthdays soon.  

It was late when Hal showed up ... with Roxie! I had Adam escort Roxie to the car while I laid into Hal. He knew my history with Roxie. He apologized and said that he thought I was over Don by now. "I am," I screamed at him  but the look he gave me showed his doubt. Adam came in just then and I walked outside to help Reesha get the boys in the car. I was heading up the stairs for bed when I heard Adam making some mixed drinks. He and Hal were still talking. I finally fell asleep around 2am ... without Adam.

Having a nanny means you can trade off night time feedings. I got my first night of uninterrupted sleep when Monica moved in. She's not much of a cook but she does a great job of keeping the house clean and our plumbing repaired. I give her every Sunday and every other Saturday off. She is fitting in just fine.

Having Monica live with us gives me extra time to work on strengthening my relationship with Adam. Things were a little touchy after the whole Hal and Roxie thing but I think we are doing okay now.

I was out checking the mail when I remembered that I had planned on dropping by City Hall to see if Don could spare a few minutes to talk. I was about to head inside to get my car keys when my cell rang. Code Word: Zelda ... I was needed in France to establish an Operations Officer. Pack and be ready for pick-up in 4 hours.

Monica was told what everyone else (including Dean and Hal) were told. That I work as a translator for foreign dignitaries and that I stay with them for as long as they are in the states. This is to protect me and my family from threats. Hal stopped by while I was explaining this to Monica. (Why was Hal visiting Monica?)     

I was going to miss watching Carter learn to crawl, Reesha's boys' birthdays, and so many other things. But I had a duty ... a duty to catch the bad guys. So I packed. I made love to Adam one more time. Then I kissed my sweet boy goodbye and walked out my front door.

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