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Saturday, February 26, 2011


 Carter has aged up! He inherited the loner trait from his father and is now able to attend school. School?! I realize I had to get over this pain and start thinking about the future.  
Adam and I talked with Carter. We told him we were splitting up but that it wasn't his fault. He was really upset but, just like his father, he refused to talk about it. 

I decided something had to change. I started with myself. 
 Contacted a real estate agent. I sold my properties, put my house up for sale, and started looking for a new place to raise my son.
I said goodbye to all those dear to me. Reesha promised to write. I'm sure she will if only to gossip.
I will never forget the day Adam left. Carter ran to him and cried in his arms. Adam looked at me from across the yard as he snuggled our son. I walked over to pull Carter away. Adam gave him one last squeeze then handed him over. His hand brushed the side of my cheek. He stared straight into my eyes. I felt my resolve slipping. He turned to get in his truck and drove off. He never looked back. Monica offered to take Carter up to his room. I let her. I climbed the stairs with heavy feet, laid down on my bed and cried myself into oblivion... 

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