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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sharing the News

Hal asked me to go to the Llamas game with him this past Sunday. I owed him. He said he was surprised to hear I was engaged and a little disappointed too. Turns out he has been interested in me since I moved here but couldn't do anything about because he was my boss! I didn't know what to say. He gave me a sweet hug and a light peck on the lips when he dropped me off at my place. He said it was a goodbye to what could have been. 

Roxie and I got together that night and giggled over Don's fumbling proposal. I stood up for him though and claimed it was adorable. I mentioned Hal and the game to Roxie. She confided that she HAD been seeing Hal but that they had broken things off not long ago. She was currently seeing a married man but refused to give up his name. Obviously no man is off limits to Roxie.  

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