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Friday, January 28, 2011


I practically lived with Adam for six months and I never guessed his true feelings for me! I not sure if I was just too absorbed with myself or that he was just really good at hiding his feelings. What I do know is that being with him that night was AMAZING. Adam not only held me through the night but let me talk through my mixed up feelings. I realized I was only clinging to Don because he had helped me through the grief of my father. Having that peace inside me helped to break it to Don that we were finished.

He got very upset. He told me I was ruining everything. I was very confused. Wasn't Don the one who cheated on me? Why was he so enraged that I wouldn't have him back? Something was going on but I can't quite figure out what. Whatever his problem was, I wasn't going to let it interfere with my life.   
Adam and I have seen a lot of each other these last few weeks. I found out he was quiting the spy business. He's not sure what he wants to do but he's got plenty of time to decide. He likes to spend time alone and enjoys doing things with his computers. He has been spending so much time at my place, I offered for him to move in with me. We were having dinner at this little place outside of town when I posed the question to him. He stopped eating and looked at me real serious like. "You just want me for my body! But that's cool, we can work with that." He is so funny and sweet. 
We made a stop by Reesha and Dean's place. She is pregnant with baby number two! I asked if her and Dean didn't have anything else to do. We had a good laugh. She asked how things were going between Adam and I. I told her about Adam moving in. She seemed upset by that news. She thought since Adam didn't have a job and I was so well off, that he was only interested in my money. (She didn't know that Adam had been a spy with me and had money of his own.) I assured her that wasn't the case and that he would be getting a job soon. I'm glad I have a friend who is looking out for me.

I was glad to see that Adam got along well with Dean. We all agreed it was time for us to get together for a barbecue. We made plans for next weekend then we left and headed home ... to OUR place.

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