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Saturday, January 22, 2011


Don and I started seeing each other pretty regularly. I found out that he works at the mayor's office. He likes to debate politics with me in bed. *laughs* But other than that he seems to be an alright guy.

Got a call right after work on Friday. Reesha Grey, my old college roommate, was in a bind and needed a place to crash till she could get back on her feet. Mi Casa and all that. Called Hal to ask for some time off so I could help her  move her stuff in. He told me not to worry, he would cover for me personally. I owe him now.

I asked Dean to come help with the manual labor. When he caught a look at Reesha, he was more than willing to carry couches. I think I actually saw sparks fly when I formally introduced them. *smirks* I headed over to Don's place so the two of them could "get to know" each other.  

They have been dating for 6 weeks and Dean just proposed! He wasn't kidding, he really wanted to settle down. I offered them my place for the wedding. Now I'll spend my days typing reports and my nights listening to Reesha discuss plans for the wedding. *sigh*

Reesha is getting on my nerves!! She is all about "when are you and Don getting married?" and "you're not getting any younger". *grunts* I'll be glad when she is out of my house! After my evening run, I'm heading over to Don's for some stress relief!

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