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Saturday, January 29, 2011


My garden is blooming! I just made some applesauce from my home grown apples. And I have been trying new recipes with all my fresh vegetables. I'm outside enough to notice my neighbor next door. Roxie has a little boy now. When she passes my house, she smirks at me. And her son stares at me with Don's eyes.

Adam and I are spending the day together to celebrate our three month anniversary. We had lunch at the bistro then headed out to a quaint little spot by the river.

Adam showed me how to fish. I was amazed at how much fun it was. I thought I would be bored but it was kind of peaceful like. I didn't catch anything but Adam pulled in two big fish. He said I had the honor of cooking them for our dinner. I might surprise him and do just that.

After fishing, we went collecting. I found two space rocks and a couple of rare seeds which I hope to be able to plant soon. But Adam seemed very distracted so I ended my treasure hunting early. When I asked what he was thinking so hard about, he just grinned at me. *sigh*

When we finally decided to head home, Adam had us stop on the bridge and take a picture. It was such a beautiful day. I never wanted it to end.
But I had a secret that might change our lives ... forever.

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