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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Moving On

I really threw myself into my work after that night. I volunteered for extra shifts, did extra paperwork, anything to stay busy. I finally got noticed by the head honchos. I got called into Hal's office late one Friday night while I was finishing up a report. There was another man I had never met before standing with him. The guy was ... different. He had kind of a green pallor to him and very direct eyes. His name was Adam. In a clipped voice, he informed me that I needed to pack and be ready to leave by 0500. Then he just left.  

Hal asked me to ride over to his place after I was done packing. He filled me in on details Adam obviously felt were unimportant. He said some time away would be good for me. I kept thinking how Hal had given me that sweet kiss after the Llama game.
Everything just felt right. I let Hal's comforting hug turn into a kiss of passion. Hal never hesitated, he pulled me into his room and we tumbled into bed together. Our hands were hurried as if we were both afraid the other would stop. The air was strangely silent, stirred only by our heavy breathing. I stared into his eyes as our bodies moved in quiet rhythm. As the morning sun began to shine, my cry of pleasure filled the room.

I left Hal sleeping. I met Adam at the station and put my bag in his trunk. I never imagined this is what it would be like when I became an International Super Spy. The whole drive to Headquarters was a blur as I let my mind wonder back over my life since I left Sunset Valley. Adam didn't say a word after we parked. Just got out, grabbed my bag from the trunk and walked in. I glanced down at my hand and saw the dull brass button I never left without. I slowly turned my hand and watched it bounce to the street. "I'm moving on, Dad."

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