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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Home Again

I spent these last six months abroad, iinfiltrating a rogue corporation. Unfortunately, I couldn't bring my laptop to keep in touch but Adam assured me that was not always the case so hopefully I can chronicle my next mission.
    I spent the first few days getting my house back in order and reviewing my financials. I have bought into a couple local businesses that appear to be doing very well. Since I don't have to check in at the precinct anymore, my days are pretty much my own. I did stop in and talk things out with Hal. Things are okay between us. He has started seeing Meadow Carpenter-Rhodes. I told him I was glad for him and I appreciated him being there for me. He smiled and said, "Any time." *laughs*

I dropped by to visit with Reesha and Dean. They are going to have a baby! Reesha is so excited and I am happy for her. I'm the baby's surrogate aunt. I used to dislike children but that seems to have been replaced with a green thumb. I have this urge to nurture now. Perhaps I will have a child one day.

I was invited to attend a formal ball being held at the town hall for a local charity. Adam had offered to take me since he was still in town. I was just checking my purse when my cell rang. It was Don. The memories came flooding back. His voice was so smooth ... his words sounded so sincere. Would I please give him another chance? I didn't know what to say. In my heart, I was still a little in love with Don. I told him to let me think about it. I raced to Reesha's place. I knew she and Dean would be home with little Kenton. I cried my heart out to her. She told me I had to do what was best for me. And, in her opinion that wasn't being with Don. But I had to make up my own mind. As night settled, I slowly drove back to my place. As I pulled up there was Adam sitting in my front yard. I had forgotten the charity ball!
              I offered for him to come inside and have a drink. He wanted to know why I was upset. I told him it didn't matter. "Don isn't worth your tears." How did he know?! He told me how he had to investigate me before we went on our first mission. "I know about you. You have a great sense of humor, you're neat and a little over-emotional. You used to be a vehicle enthusiast and disliked children but have recently turned into a green-thumb and now love the outdoors. I know everything about you. Let me love you, Jewel." 

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