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Monday, January 24, 2011

Mountain and Valley

Today is the day Reesha Gray and George Dean are getting married. Life seemed so full of possibilities. My friends were getting married, I was was engaged, and a promotion loomed on the horizon. I was on a mountain top!

It was a beautiful ceremony. I had a hard time keeping my mascara from running. After the "I do"'s were done, the music started and the food and drinks were served. I enjoyed playing host until I caught sight of something that just didn't seem right.

 Did Don seem overly interested in Roxie? Was I being paranoid or was there more going on between them? I didn't want to start something on Reesha's big day ... but I had to get rid of this doubt!

To find them all over each other in my own house!!! How could this happen? Don tried making excuses and was rambling on about needs. Roxie was just silent.



Dean  heard the commotion and broke things up. He got Roxie's sister to take her home next door. Reesha pulled Dean out front so I could have a word with Don.

Don really pressed home how much I have been working. I told him about my father and how important it was for me to become a spy. He wanted to know what I expected from him. To be faithful, damn it!! I refused to cry and asked him to just leave.

 The other guests were gone by the time Don had left. I apologized to Dean and Reesha for ruining their day. They were both forgiving and sympathetic to me. I told them to go ahead and crash at my place ... I needed time to just be. I walked out my front door and into the night. I had just fell from my mountaintop to the valley floor...

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  1. What a dirtbag! Don don't realize what he's giving up...
    And for Roxie?