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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Night Out

Spent some time with the guys from work, especially my partner, George Dean. He asked me not to call him George. *laughs* Invited the guys over for dinner. I learned that Dean was interested in settling down and starting a family. Good for him, I guess. Hal is more reserved and only mentioned that he doesn't like children. It's good to know I have one thing in common with my boss. After they left, my next door neighbor, Roxie, came over. She invited me out to The Watering Hole.  

The place wasn't much but you could tie one on just the same. She was pretty good at Foosball and knew almost everyone in town. My impression is she is a little free with her favors but I am not one to judge. She  left early, said she was meeting Mr Beefcake. I wonder if she meant Hal?

I stayed and finished my drink. Was just paying my tab when this guy walks over. Said his name was Don Lothario. Asked if I wanted to dance. I was pretty foxed so I said what the heck. When he leaned in and asked if I wanted to check out his place, I threw caution to the wind.

Don't remember the drive over but I know we took a taxi. He was smooth, I'll give him that. And such a great kisser! We rocked each other's world and then ... I passed out. The next morning, I felt so awkward. What to say to a guy you have only know a handful of hours? I slipped out of bed and made my way downstairs for some coffee. He was sitting at the table, reading the newspaper. From his smirk I could tell he knew what I was feeling. He put the paper down and got up. He leaned in and placed his hands on my face. "Let's do it again." We both started laughing. It was the start my first adult relationship since my father had died.   

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