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Saturday, January 22, 2011


When I was a little girl, I would play with the buttons on my dad's police uniform. They were so beautiful. I wanted to put away the bad guys, too, like my dad. So becoming a cop was a no brainer. I paid my dues, walking the beat and writing tickets. But my dad was so proud of me when I made Lieutenant. We went to celebrate at the local diner. That night, I held his hand as the gun shot wound took his life. I took some time off to get my head straight. But old memories made it impossible for me to go back to the same precinct where I worked with Daddy. So I have put in a transfer request to Riverview.  I've started the process of buying a two bedroom house located just outside of the main city limits. My commute time should be less than twenty minutes now so maybe I'll even get a social life. *chuckles soflty* (pulls tarnished brass button from pocket) I want to move on. (sqeezes button tightly in fist) I NEED to move on.

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