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Sunday, January 30, 2011


Adam was helping me harvest some bell pepper when the morning sickness hit me. Not exactly how I planned on telling him he was gonna be a daddy. But he was happy, none the less, if a little upset that I didn't tell him sooner.

We made plans for a private wedding in the garden. Reesha and Dean said they would love to witness the ceremony. We invited Hal but he said he couldn't make it. More likely because he is still upset about his break-up with Meadow.

  As much as I loved my house and garden, it was too small to accommodate our new addition so we started house hunting. We were taking a short cut through the cemetery after seeing our last house for the day when we ran into Don. I was showing by then and Don made no attempt to hide that he was staring at my belly. Trying to be civilized, I introduced Adam to Don as my fiancee. Adam was very stoic and gave a clipped greeting. Don nodded his head and looked at me with a hurt look. Adam put his arm around me and turned us toward home. As we started walking I heard Don wish me well. Later that night, when Adam wanted to talk about it, I asked him to forget the whole thing. He let it go at that. 
We found the perfect house! It's a three bedroom with an attic, formal dining room, a large sitting room, one and a half bathrooms, and lots of yard for a garden and outdoor furniture. We will close on it the day of our wedding. Our first night as a married couple will be spent in our new house!

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